evrExpanse 4

Metadata Extraction and Export:

Extract EXIF metadata and Finder Tags from media files, generating export files in CSV, ALE, XML, or FCPXML formats. This enables seamless import of metadata into applications like DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, Assimilate Scratch, and Pomfort Silverstack. Extracted tags cover a range, including ShutterSpeed, FNumber, ISO, White Balance, Color Space, Gamma, Focus Position, GyroscopeData, AccelerometerData, GPSLatitude, GPSLongitude, GPSMeasureMode, and more.

Transcoding with Metadata Preservation:

Transcode MOV, MP4, MXF, and GoPro Raw .360 source media to formats such as Apple ProRes, Avid DNxHR, GoPro Cineform, DPX, and OpenEXR. The transcoding process retains the source metadata, including Finder tags (keyword and/or colors). The user-friendly design, based on FFmpeg, ensures a smart, smooth, and fast transcoding experience with minimal user input.

File and Camera Metadata Support:

  • File Metadata: MOV, MP4, MXF, GoPro Raw .360, NEV
  • Camera-Specific Metadata: Panasonic, Nikon, Sony Alpha, Fujifilm, Canon, Sony XDCAM, ARRI (mov), Z Cam, Kinefinity, Atomos (Ninja & Inferno), McPRO24fps, GoPro, FiLMIC PRO, Apple iPhone.

File Offload and Metadata Export:

Ensure the secure and reliable transfer of data with embedded metadata extraction, facilitated by xxh64 hash format verification. This ensures the integrity of your files during the offload process, providing an added layer of confidence in your backup and streamlined processing.

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The minimum system requirements:

  • macOS version 10.9 (Mavericks) or later
  • 64-bit Intel-based Mac or Apple Silicon-based Mac

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Free updates for all licensed customers of version 4.x

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(*) The demo version can only process one media file at a time.

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