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evrDVR 2 (macOS)

Exif Video Resolved for DaVinci Resolve make it possible to extract media file metadata, giving you a CSV file formatted with the required tags. Just select any folder from your OS application (Finder or Explorer) and run the extraction & conversion and the utility will create a CSV file with tags that can be imported in DaVinci Resolve. evrDVR 2 Professional can import macOS Finder Tag (colors included) as Keywords and Flags metadata in DaVinci Resolve.

  • Just one click to create a CSV file for DaVinci Resolve.

  • Extract metadata from any folder and sub-folders.

  • Embedded ExifTool and MediaInfo.

Camera support:

evrDVR 2 Standard: Panasonic, Nikon, Sony Alpha, Fujifilm, Canon

evrDVR 2 Professional: Camera support: Panasonic, Nikon, Sony Alpha, Fujifilm, Canon, Sony XDCAM, Z Cam, Kinefinity, Atomos (Ninja & Inferno), McPRO24fps, GoPro

Try the demo* before buy.

License key for demo does not required to be activated.

Free updates for all licensed customers of version 2.x

(*) demo version will only process one file each time the app is launched


evrDVR 2 (macOS)

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